Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

The U.S. Should Get out of Afghanistan Now

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

The U.S. Should Get out of Afghanistan Now

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Thank you, Dan Simpson, for writing the column "Vietnam Redux?" (Feb. 24). I felt like I'd taken a three-credit course in international politics after reading your words. You're the voice that tells us about the heroin connections; the Russian and other outside influences; the killing of innocent women, children and men; the trillions of wasted dollars spent; and the crass, hidden reasons for continuing this war in Afghanistan.

I believe it is too late to think the United States has a reason to continue this fiasco. It was too late 10 years ago.

What should we do? Leave!

Use these trillions of dollars to pay for health care for everyone, guarantee a living wage for child care workers, treat our aging citizens with dignity, forgive student loans and do all the great things that lead us to "the pursuit of happiness" that we are guaranteed.

Thank you, Dan Simpson, for speaking the truth.


Highland Park

Get project right

In response to "No Delay: Fix the Sewage Overflow Problem - On Time" (Feb. 21):I certainly agree with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. A delay to take the time to get it right is more important than a plan that will cost taxpayers, many of whom are senior citizens, dramatic increases in sewage bills for years to come.

By upgrading Alcosan's facility and using an environmental, green approach we will bring real improvements to our water quality and jobs now and for generations to come.

The current Alcosan plan will not bring real quality improvements for years and won't bring the lasting benefits of the green approach.



The green alternative

This is in response to "No Delay" (Feb. 21 editorial). It's fine for the Post-Gazette to share the opinion of the editors regarding important topics for our region, but in this case you have veered away from fact and into misrepresentation.

The recent letter from the mayor and the county executive doesn't seek to delay stopping sewer overflow and cleaning our rivers. It seeks to delay sinking billions of dollars into a project that may not be necessary if we actually undertake an aggressive approach to implementing green infrastructure and fixing the system we have. …

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