Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh, Lead the Way to Stop Gun Violence

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh, Lead the Way to Stop Gun Violence

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Six people are dead, including an unborn child, and three injured after a mass shooting in Wilkinsburg Wednesday night, according to the Allegheny County police. The gunmen used a handgun and an assault rifle. As a mother who lost a child to gun violence, my heart goes out to all the families.

They say that all politics is local. When tragedies like this occur in our hometown, we cannot look the other way - we must act. Together.

Pittsburghers are resilient. When the steel mills closed, we rose from the ashes and reinvented our town. We became a center for technology and medical innovation. We showed the world that this is an amazing place in which to live and work.

We cannot allow gun violence to scar our city. I believe that, together, we can decrease these senseless deaths through action, education and common-sense legislation.

Let Pittsburgh, once again, show the world how it is done. We can, we should, we must lead by example. Please join me in the fight to keep our streets safe for all.


Chapter Leader

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


Canada's good sense

The current circus known as the Republican primary has made me seriously consider becoming a Canadian citizen. Last October, Canadians overwhelmingly elected Justin Trudeau as prime minister. By making this choice, Canadians displayed good judgment, integrity and intelligence - something we Americans seem to be sorely lacking.

I greatly admire our neighbors to the north. I only pray that Canada does not decide to build a wall along its southern border.


Green Tree

Thanks but no thanks

I read the March 9 letters from Jeffrey R. Small ("Local Voters Should Unite Against Trump") and Angela Vennare-Klein ("Angry Republicans"), and I want to thank them for telling me and every other Republican whom to vote for and why we are so angry.

I hadn't made up my mind on whom to vote for or why I am so upset with the present mess, but thanks to their letters I know the answers to both. …

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