Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

'Lesbian Mother' Is Simply Another Word for 'Mother'

Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

'Lesbian Mother' Is Simply Another Word for 'Mother'

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This is how John Ward described killing his first wife:

"I wanted her to give me my divorce and custody of my daughter," he told Geraldo Rivera. "And she told me she'd see me in hell first. And I told her to save me a seat. And then I shot her. "I shot her three times in the upper left shoulder, he said. "She told me not to kill her, she would give me the baby and a divorce. I fired three times point blank into the heart & And I reloaded and I shot her six more times, point blank.

Ward did eight years in prison for second-degree murder. But there is more. One of his daughters has said that when she was a child, he tried to molest her and other children. A stepdaughter has said that when she was a teenager, "I brought a friend of mine over, a black girl. He was like, Get that damn n-r out of my yard.'

The point being, that Ward was hardly an exemplary human being.

Yet when a Pensacola judge had to choose between this steaming hot pile of humanity and his estranged second wife in deciding custody of their adolescent daughter, Cassey, the judge sided with him. Given what a piece of work this guy was, you might wonder: What was it about Mary Ward that was so objectionable a court would choose him over her?

Simple. Mary was gay. Cassey, said the judge, should grow up in "a non-lesbian world."

That appalling 1996 ruling is brought to mind by news of a new Supreme Court decision. Monday, the top court unanimously sided with a gay adoptive mother fighting her former partner for access to their children. The unnamed plaintiff filed suit after the couple split up and the ex-partner, who is the children's biological mother, refused to let her see them. The adoption had originally been processed in Georgia, but the Supreme Court of Alabama, where the two women now reside, refused to recognize its legitimacy. …

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