Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Should You Invest Lump Sum with Logic?

Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Should You Invest Lump Sum with Logic?

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Over our lifetimes, some of us will be fortunate enough to come into a substantial amount of cash in one lump sum. Supposing that the lucky one is not in the market for a new jet, the question is: What's the best way to invest it?

Such a windfall should be viewed as an integral part of an investor's portfolio, not as a standalone entity. It should be invested in line with the investor's existing asset allocation.

The timing of the investment raises a more complex question: Should it be invested all at once, or gradually?

The answer involves a conflict between statistics and the psychology of human behavior. The statistics tell us that all at once will likely provide a better return than gradually. But human behavior studies show that a loss of a given dollar amount is about 1.5 times as painful as a gain of the same amount. This means that many of us may be willing to forgo some likely gain if it means that we will be less likely to suffer a significant loss.

Let's look at what a variety of studies show about immediate investing versus dollar-cost averaging -- dividing the lump-sum in a number of equal parts and investing each one periodically. For example, dividing by 12 and investing each part once a month for one year.

One study looked at every 12-month period from 1926 through mid- 2014. A lump sum would have an average return of 9.57 percent (assuming a 60/40 stock/bond allocation). A three-, six- or 12- month DCA would have had average returns of 8.85, 7.61 and 5.17 percent, respectively. The difference between the 12-month DCA and the lump sum method is 4.58 percent, a significant difference.

The study also showed that the worst 12-month loss for the lump sum was 42 percent, versus 32 percent for the 12-month DCA. The best 12-month gain for the lump sum was 103 percent, versus 44 percent for 12-month DCA. …

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