Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Trump Learns That Actually Thinking about Issues Is Hard

Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Trump Learns That Actually Thinking about Issues Is Hard

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Donald Trump is learning how hard it is to pretend to be something he's not.

Case in point: Since deciding to run for president -- and maybe before, but who knows? -- Trump has insisted he is pro-life. America learned otherwise with his recent remarks that a woman should be punished were she to have an illegal abortion. Since abortion is legal, this is a circumstance that doesn't exist, otherwise known as a hypothetical query.

The question posed to Trump by MSNBC's Chris Matthews wasn't hard even if it was irrelevant.

Abortion has been legal for 43 years and, though many Americans would be comfortable with limits, the law isn't likely to be overturned. That is, unless a Republican president remakes the Supreme Court, which, speaking of hypotheticals, could happen.

With possibly four seats, including recently deceased Antonin Scalia's, to fill in the next presidential term, a pro-life president such as Trump pretends he would be, might choose pro-life justices and, voila, Roe v. Wade could conceivably be overturned.

Conceivably. Possibly. Potentially. But probably not.

This scenario was what Matthews was trying to explore with Trump, who, apparently, had never given any serious thought to how a Trump presidency might act or what the repercussions might look like. His answer betrayed a shallow consciousness. Yes, he said, there should be some punishment for a woman who has an abortion if the procedure became illegal. And, no, he said, men (as in the father of the unborn child) should not face any punishment.

Spoken like a true generic numbskull.

If Trump were truly pro-life, which he apparently isn't, given his lack of understanding of the pro-life movement to end abortion, no one in that world talks about punishing women. Even the craziest "pro-lifer" trains his fury on doctors rather than women seeking abortion.

Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, he may well have changed his mind about abortion. …

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