Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)


Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)


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Guided by chance and humanity, sympathy cards came back to us

Five months after we held a memorial service for my daughter Lindy, I received a phone call from my church saying they had found a packet of sympathy cards for me. They contained hundreds of dollars. The story of how they came back to me is complicated, but here goes:

The cards were given to me individually at the reception following the service. For safekeeping, I put them in the pocket of a jacket belonging to my son-in-law, but neglected to tell him. He returned to Chicago in a rental car. While he has no memory of touching the packet of cards, we can only assume that he took them out of his jacket and placed them somewhere in the car.

Who knows how many people rented that particular vehicle after he did. All we do know is that a minister and his wife (the Rev. Les Johnson and Lisa) rented the car, and discovered the packet - which contained hundreds of dollars. The cards had only my name on them, but did include a Mass card for my church, Our Lady of Grace. Lisa used the tools of the day - Google - to find our church, which is in Scott Township. She called and made arrangements to send the cards to the church.

The church let me know when they arrived. Included in the packet was a very sweet personal letter to me from Lisa.

It's a mystery why these cards were not found for five months. Many of us have our own theory, and we feel the presence of Lindy, who died at age 51 after a lifelong illness, in these cards.

The next part of the story is just as lovely. I wanted to send a gift card to a nice restaurant to the Johnsons to thank them. Turning to Google, I searched for "good restaurants" near their address. The restaurant that came up, just two miles away, was called . "Lindy's Landing."


Mt. Lebanon

The Girl on the Train

Yes, I know the title has been used for a book (in fact I just finished reading it myself "on the phone on the train"), but while it's still fresh in my mind, I'd like to thank The Girl on the Train for making a trip to Pittsburgh and brightening a very long day. …

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