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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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To the person who complained about the parking meters only allowing one hour - that's because they don't want you to come back. They want to ticket you and get more money. Hillary and Bernie are so evil that they make my skin crawl and the hair stand up on the back of my neck. They're both liars and so far to the left that they think everyone should have everything for free and not work. This is not the way America should run.

I'm no big fan of Booth Goodwin but I think the TV commercial with the two has-been coaches is a low blow.

To the person that doesn't understand why most women don't like Hillary - it's because she has more brains than all the Republicans put together and because she also speaks up on things of great importance, but a lot of women, especially in West Virginia, have been told that their ideas are unimportant.

Has anyone checked Glen Gainer's bank account to see how much he made off of this new payroll system? I bet it's a lot more than any state employee makes.

Not all of our incumbents in the Legislature are wrong, it's mainly the Republican leadership and all the ones that agreed with leadership. Those people need to go, they are taking up time and wasting money.

John Kasich should go home. He will never get the nomination for presidency.

I think the Milton police ought to take care of their own town and watch over the citizens instead of sitting on the interstate. They just want to fine you.

I do not understand the Trump supporters. He cannot win. If he gets the nomination, Hillary will easily beat him.

In reference to saying someone saying the tap water smells like the pool - it certainly does.

There will be traffic accidents at the new entrance to Coonskin Park unless more warning and speed limit signs are placed along Rt. 119. One day a speeding car will hit one leaving the park.

The center lane on the St. …

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