Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Candidates Can't Change the Rules at This Point

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Candidates Can't Change the Rules at This Point

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In response to Tom Moneck's comments regarding the changes needed in the USA's voting system ("The Political Establishment Dilutes People's Votes," April 24 letters): I have no argument with the changes he feels are needed in our voting system. But why now? In the middle of a voting cycle? Because Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump don't think it is fair?

My question: Didn't both of these candidates know what the rules were before they announced their candidacies? And the rules were OK when George W. Bush beat Al Gore even though Mr. Gore had won the popular vote.

Also, isn't Mr. Sanders really an independent? Why isn't he running as one instead of now saying he is a Democrat? As for Mr. Trump, one day he is a Democrat, then a Republican, and he even threatened to run as an independent if he doesn't get his way.

The rules are the rules, even if we don't like them. I think we learned that in first grade!



Rhetoric vs. action

Letter writer Michael Martino spelled out his reasons for backing Donald Trump ("Why I Back Trump," April 23); however, I find his reasoning unsound.

He states that only one candidate has opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership. Mr. Trump can say anything, because future promises can't be validated. Voting records can. Bernie Sanders voted against NAFTA. Actions speak louder than words.

He is correct that both Pennsylvanian Republicans and Democrats want jobs to be a priority. Why then would anyone support Mr. Trump, who manufactures his clothing line in Mexico and China? When directly asked during a debate if he would stop manufacturing his clothing line overseas, he responded only that he would look into it.

If he can't commit to returning this work to U.S. workers, how can anyone believe that U.S. jobs are his priority? Again, actions speak louder than words.

I sincerely thank Mr. …

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