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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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If West Virginia American Water wants more money for improvements of infrastructure, they should sell bonds to the general public to raise that money. The free to the public program by Joel Sartore held at the Clay Center was educational, fun and fantastic. Can we have more programs like that?

I have never heard Hillary Clinton say she was scared to come to West Virginia but she has every reason to be scared with the gun law passed by the Republicans. Maybe she doesn't want to wear a bulletproof vest. She has every right to be scared just like the rest of us.

Who cares if Kelly Ripa feels alone on the show? Thank goodness Michael left and they should get rid of her, too.

To the person in Belle that poisoned all the innocent cats on 12th Street you are a pathetic monster.

The police need look no further than Richard Nixon Jones to know who defaced Nancy and Ronald Reagan's political signs in Putnam County.

Haven't we had enough front page stories on the Blankenship trial? Forget it - it's over. We're sick of it.

I just received a phone message that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Is this a scam? (Editor's note: The IRS will never call and demand payment.)

Excuse me, but Hillary did no wrong concerning Benghazi and did not lie. Have you so conventionally forgotten about the Benghazi hearings? They did not find her guilty of anything after every desperate attempt to do so.

Why would anyone support the Greenbrier Classic when Mr. Justice ignores paying his bills and treats police officers with little to no respect? I certainly won't, because supporting the tournament is supporting him.

One right we've lost under Obama is the right to employment and being able to support our families. Another one lost is our right to Christian beliefs so others can practice theirs.

Boycott every business the Clintons visit.

My hat is off to the people of Logan for having the guts to keep the Clintons out of Logan by blocking the highway or doing whatever it takes to keep them out of Logan. …

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