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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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The water company just got a rate increase approval from the Public Service Commission and now they're putting in for another. I think they need to stop doing this so that people who are retired can afford to pay their water bill. I wonder why the police don't do something about the abandoned SUV that's along Railroad Avenue, just west of Watts Street. It's been sitting there since January. Someone should move it because it looks terrible.

Bill Cole is simply saying that he is going to fight Obama's policies that will be continued if Hillary Clinton gets into office.

I do not think that Hillary Clinton would make a good president. She is too old and we do not need her as president.

There's probably more hate and animosity in this country now than there was during the Civil War.

The reason West Virginia is 50th in everything is because they are redecorating offices with new carpet and other decorative things bought from out-of-state stores. Schools, roads and health care are enduring budget cuts. It's no wonder we're attracting no new businesses. Disgusting.

Until the United States follows the rest of the world and forbids the prescribing of opioids outside of a clinical setting the epidemic and needless deaths will continue. Drug companies care only about profits and supporting those politicians who make sure the profits continue to flow while the bodies pile up.

Congratulations to Pat Quinlan on his election to the St. Albans council. He says he is interested in helping to keep St. Albans clean. I hope he will address the long ignored issue of high grass and run down/falling down structures on many properties in the city.

First and foremost, I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. Having said that, just because certain networks (FOX) report untruths about her over and over doesn't make them true. If you don't like her, don't vote for her. …

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