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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Trump's arrogance was never more obvious than when he told West Virginia citizens not to vote in the primary election and save their vote for the fall. That is an insult to candidates for every other office that will be on the ballot next week. If this blowhard makes it to the White House, our country will be the laughingstock of the world. From what I have read, less coal is being used by the power plants due to warmer winters. Science experts say climate change is being brought on by changes in the atmosphere due to the burning of coal. So it looks like coal is putting itself out of business, or maybe that is all part of God's plan.

Do the counselors at St. Albans High have nothing to do at work but put photos of themselves on Facebook?

To Republicans who support Trump: Please ignore his comments about not voting in the primary. There are important races to be decided on May 10. All judicial races, as well as a Board of Education position, are nonpartisan and will be determined by the voters on May 10. If you don't vote in the primary, you'll have no say.

Hillary draws dozens, Bernie draws hundreds, and Trump draws thousands. Now you tell me who average Americans want as President? We don't care one bit what the media says; we don't care one bit about what foreigners say. We care about how we have been oppressed and our citizens driven out of work by liberal policies that are simply killing this nation.

Hey, politicians, slogans don't solve problems. "West Virginia proud, West Virginia strong, "Family Values, "Just Say No, "Whip Inflation Now, mean absolutely nothing. And why are all of these people going to "fight for us? I could take a wet burlap sack and whip all of them.

I am a union construction worker with four years of apprenticeship training. I don't want to take anyone's job as one venter alleged, I pay my union dues and in return get great benefits, and I am not afraid of a surprise drug test. If you don't want to join, get on with whatever it is that you do when you're not condemning unions.

To the gun haters who said Hillary Clinton should be afraid because people had guns here in West Virginia - she came and went and nothing happen. …

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