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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Jim Justice is in no way to be compared to Donald Trump other than finances. Jim Justice is a warm, caring individual and Donald Trump is a lowlife. Why is everyone raving about the great turnout for the election in West Virginia? Forty percent is not a great turnout. It is pitiful. A great turnout would be double that.

I am curious. "IF" Jim Justice wins the race for governor, will he move to Charleston (and leave his Greenbrier) or will the Capitol move to the Greenbrier?

We are very lucky here in West Virginia. We have two very good men running for governor. Either one could help our state.

It took the Democrats 80 years to get us in this shape. It took the Republicans one year to make it even worse. Remember in November - vote these rascals out.

Hats off and kudos to Paige Dalporto, who wrote article "Not everyone is fooled by Trump." I hope the brain washed people in West Virginia read this.

There can be no doubt that the smartest person in the U.S. Senate is Elizabeth Warren. If we're really, really lucky, one of these days she will be president.

If you think that your vote counts in any of these elections you are sadly mistaken. It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes.

What a great vent about U.S. citizens going across Mexican border and demanding all the freebies we are giving illegals. We would be in jail very quickly.

Well, I guess my vote was wasted on lying Hillary.

Concerning losing freedoms, the only freedom we have lost in recent times is the violation of the illegal search and seizure 4th Amendment, the one Republicans called the "Patriot Act." Credit that to the GOP Congress and George W. Bush, and is the reason I will never vote for any Republican on the national level again.

I guess Jim Justice's election victory just goes to prove that money can buy anything. …

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