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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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To the venter who said Bernie supporters don't have and don't want a job - I own my own company, work 12 to 14 hours per day, I brought in more than $260,000 last year, and I am a Bernie supporter who will enthusiastically vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination, just to keep nasty, judgmental people like you from controlling this country. Pizza Hut should definitely rename their boneless wings to chicken nuggets. You cannot legitimately call those chicken wings.

If transgender people go into the bathroom, shut the stall door, do their business and leave and it isn't that big of a deal then why are they making such a big deal over it and just use the bathroom of the sex that they were born with?

President Obama has killed our coal jobs. All the miners are out of work and it is a shame. Why in the world would you vote for someone like that? Hillary said she's going to end coal completely.

The Legislature in Charleston finally did something sensible and with some compassion. They voted down this ridiculous cigarette tax that would have mostly landed on people who are poor, using one little segment of the population to prop up PEIA. Thanks for finally getting some sense, guys.

If the state government would shut down I think it would take some time for us to even notice.

A Boy Scout leader accused of sending and soliciting explicit pictures? Could we hear one more liberal chorus of "homosexuals aren't a threat as Scout leaders, please?

Please list the people who voted against the cigarette tax. I'd like to vote for them and give a donation in their next election.

I would like to thank WCHS for showing us the teachers and young students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. It teaches them and reminds us what a great country we live in.

I was refreshed to see that in Friday's article about Ben Hatfield's murder, you refrained from making disparaging remarks about him. …

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