Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

GOP Surrenders to the Dark Side

Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

GOP Surrenders to the Dark Side

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WASHINGTON -- With the surrender of House Speaker Paul Ryan to the Trump crusade, it is fair to wonder what the Republican Party stands for.

Ryan's endorsement of Trump, which appeared in an op-ed the speaker wrote for his hometown paper -- rather than before a gaggle of reporters and newscasters with his arm draped around Trump's shoulders -- was a white flag from the establishment opposition.

In his op-ed, Ryan explained that though he doesn't support all of Trump's ideas (brave!), he's confident that a President Trump would support the House agenda. Moreover, Ryan felt that his endorsement was needed to maintain a Republican majority in the House.

In other words, he caved, as most everyone knew he would after a respectable period of resistance.

The party has to stand united, after all. Because, as the Geico guy would remind us, that's what they do.

Next likely to fall will be evangelical Christian leaders, who are scheduled to meet with Trump on June 21. The expectation is that Trump will promise to pick conservative Supreme Court justices who would restore the nation's social order to a pre-Roe v. Wade, pre- gay-rights version.

If the purportedly devout can accept the ungodly Trump as the nation's leader, then there really is nothing sacred. But, by God, he's better than Hillary Clinton, clamors the crowd.

To Trump's supporters, a billionaire with no governing experience, questionable business practices and secret tax returns would be vastly better than she on no substantive basis whatsoever. Most compelling of all is the belief that Trump would nominate conservative justices.

But this assumption is as conjectural as the belief in Trump's conservatism is wishful.

There's no knowing whom Trump would nominate, notwithstanding the list of 11 judges he released last month, indicating the sorts of jurists he'd select. …

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