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As Negotiations Stall over Special Session, Dayton Faces Decision on Tax Bill

Newspaper article

As Negotiations Stall over Special Session, Dayton Faces Decision on Tax Bill

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Gov. Mark Dayton's office received so many letters that he decided to hold a press conference Friday instead of responding to them all.

The letters in question were regarding an estimated $100 million problem with the tax cut bill passed by lawmakers on May 22, of of the final nights of the 2016 session. Tucked inside the 277-page bill, legislators accidentally included an "or" in place of an "and," and the result could expand a tax cut meant specifically for bingo halls to include all establishments selling pull-tabs.

In a letter to Republicans, Dayton said the error could not be fixed without calling a special session of the Legislature. Without a full vote from lawmakers to fix the statute, the language could wind up in the courts, he said.

Republican Speaker Kurt Daudt responded with his own letter, saying the one-word error can be remedied without a special session, via a provision that lets lawmakers clarify their intent. Republican House Taxes Chairman Greg Davids sent a similar letter to Dayton laying out possible options. And then Senate Minority Leader David Hann also sent a letter -- this one to all four caucus leaders, asking them to sign yet another letter stating their true intent for the law.

That's a lot of letters.

But in modern-day politics, letters generally aren't a sign of progress. And the back-and-forth between lawmakers didn't bring them any closer to resolving the issue with the tax bill, which Dayton isn't expected to sign Monday -- a move that would mean its failure via the constitutional provision known as a pocket veto.

With that, tax cuts for college students, families with child- care costs and property tax reductions to help construct a Major League Soccer stadium in St. Paul will not become law.

"I've received too many letters to respond to each one individually so I wanted to restate my position here," Dayton said Friday. …

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