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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Remind us, please, which part of the paper is it that is supposed to be Republican? The court system needs to send drug addicts a message. People on drugs use this as a way to commit crimes and get away with it. Anyone driving under the influence of alcohol gets punished and alcohol is a drug.

Are there any vacant houses in Clay County?

To the person who said that Clay County has no people of color - they are wrong. We have a variety of people. We just do not think that boys and girls should share bathrooms and locker rooms.

Donald Trump isn't any more qualified to be president than Donald Duck.

Our current Legislature reminds me of the Walking Dead. They're walking around while accomplishing nothing and hurting people.

I wonder why there has been no outrage over the water company sending the poison through our homes instead of going out of the fire hydrants at the end of our routes.

Let the people that walk their dogs walk barefoot so they'll know just how hot their little dogs' feet are.

Can Mr. Carper and the county commission look into this dollar fee that Suddenlink is adding to monthly bills for sending the paper bills to customers? This is very unfair.

Kudos to Clay County - you're finally giving God something to smile about.

Trump knows what all the rest of us know and that is that the Hispanics weren't going to vote for him anyway.

Nosy Rosy is right. State vehicles are for official business, not personal. One more contributor to the state's budget shortfall.

All you hear about is cruelty toward animals but what about the cruelty to babies born addicted to narcotics? They spend weeks and months suffering through withdrawal. Are mothers charged for cruelty to these babies?

I want to thank the very nice officer, TJ, who stopped to help me last night when I broke down without gas on the Chelyan bridge. …

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