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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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When are reporters going to ask Trump real questions instead of reacting to his unfounded statements. Start with "What is your first step toward coal industry recovery? How long do you estimate full recovery will take? How will you balance your approach toward Pakistan, India and China?" May God bless the Board of Education in the county of Clay. I am glad that someone has some backbone in the state. Obey God rather than Caesar.

While I do not have issues with deserving folks getting SNAP benefits, I do take issue with how they use it. Being behind a young woman with four kids in a convenience store while she gets Double Gulp fountain drinks, candy bars, cookies and chips for herself - and all of them to the tune of $41 and change - is a bit much. That is about what I spend a week at the grocery store for real food not junk food.

Obama and Hillary do know what to do for the country. They plan to get every aspect of your life under the control of central government in Washington. So they are not dumb and dumber.

We were just wondering would Mr. and Mrs. Obama let their daughters go to the restroom or shower with a male-born transgender?

I don't understand why Suddenlink needs to charge a dollar for sending a monthly paper bill, when they have no trouble mailing me ads for their high-speed internet multiple times a month. Maybe they should cut back on their excessive advertising budget.

Reading the article about Bartlett-Burdette-Cox Funeral Home, I really enjoyed it. Funeral directors like Mr. Cox and Bob Stevens show what caring folks are all about.

I never dreamed that West Virginia would be so idiotic to vote for Donald Trump in November and I pray that they don't because we are a better state than that. We are a proud state. Donald Trump does not have West Virginia values.

Go-Mart's management needs to seriously get a grip on this carding and I.D. I am 60 years old and they ask for my I.D. every single day. They say it's for the cameras is what they say. …

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