Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I think Suddenlink customers should think twice about staying with a company that cut a lot of good channels. They are too cheap to pay for them. Looks like Tomblin and the Democrats are more interested in giving taxpayer money to the dogs than the foresters.

Those who think the Readers' Vent is too political should call in some interesting stuff of their own. Take the discussion in a different direction, most of us would be interested.

If you believe Obama is the worst president we've ever had, I don't know what country you live in. He brought our economy back.

Isn't it amazing how many Republicans - who say they hate the government - either have or are trying to obtain a government job?

Let's face facts; there is no Republican Party. There is, however, an NRA Party.

Does anyone have any thoughts on a reputable shoe repairman in the Charleston area? We have no one that I'm aware of that provides good service. The one in downtown Charleston closed and took my shoes with them. Pretty sad.

There is outrage over Suddenlink's one dollar per month charge for paper billing. Instead, what about a one dollar per month discount for those using a computer to pay? It amounts to nearly the same thing and it changes incentives in the right direction.

Hitler began his reign by taking away everyone's guns.

They should tax ammunition and that way maybe some people would think before they pull the trigger willy-nilly every chance they get.

I wish the city of Charleston would make people keep their yards and properties up.

I predict that West Virginia will be the only state that Trump wins in November. Just more proof of how uneducated the state is.

OK, so we have a tax on soda now and we have a tax on cigarettes - let's see a tax on liquor.

You'd think the Putnam County commission would have some kind of pull with the DOH to get the overpass fixed on exit 39 at the Scott Depot exit. To be closed another two or three months is really outrageous.

If Suddenlink adds a dollar for mailing my bill, I am done with them. My family and neighbors are fed up.

Guns have become the political aphrodisiac of small minds. …

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