Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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After spending two years in Germany in the mid '60s and talking to the German people who went through the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler, I am convinced that the liberal Democrats are the modern- day Nazis with their actions. I want to congratulate Mayor Danny Jones on leaving the Republican Party and invite him to become a Democrat - we'd love to have you here.

I do not smoke cigarettes but I don't think that people who smoke should have to fund PEIA.

I don't believe I'll have to cut my grass any more this year because all the phone books being thrown in my yard are killing my grass.

In this great country without borders, why do we have a wall around the White House?

Please tell me why anyone should care that Dollar Danny dropped out of being a Republican?

The PSC should make Frontier stop advertising high-speed Internet because it's not. They offer some very low speeds compared to Suddenlink.

Thank you for printing the column about Obama's dangerous denials. I wish everyone would read this eye-opener and warning on the Daily Mail opinion page on June 20.

If a handful of crazies doesn't define an entire religion, then why does a handful of crazies define all gun owners?

I just received the new phone book and I can't read it without a magnifying glass. The print is too small.

Not only do we not need Donald Trump in the White House, we don't need a first lady that can't speak English.

The Democrats had two sensible amendments on gun control placed before them and voted against them, so don't go crying about changing a law.

Thank you to the delegates for standing by Trump and the voters.

"Knives kill people too? Yes, they can. But when was the last time you heard about a drive-by stabbing?

In a normal election year I wouldn't even give Donald Trump a single look. But in 2016, he is by far the best choice. Hillary Clinton is just going to be another Obama term as we won't survive that. …

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