Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

He's the Candidate the Gop Games to Derail Trump Should Cease

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

He's the Candidate the Gop Games to Derail Trump Should Cease

Article excerpt

The "dump Trump" movement is back. Back for one last defeat.

The Dump Trumpers failed to defeat Donald Trump in the primaries with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, in both one-on-one efforts and united fronts. The same folks returned at the near-end of the primary season, with Mitt Romney as their tribune. Mr. Romney equated Mr. Trump with Beelzebub and warned that something had to be done to stop Mr. Trump, though he knew not what, and he wasn't going to run. That died away. Then we had pundit William Kristol informing the world that there would be a "significant" rump Republican candidate - running as a third party option. His movement to draft an obscure writer for National Review fizzled in a matter of days.

Now we have the latest permutation of the Dump Trump movement - a proposal to change Republican convention rules and unbind delegates to "vote their consciences" on the first ballot.

That would be illegal and undemocratic, but the anti-Trump forces portray it as a somehow just and holy cause.

Even if such a rule change were to pass, who would delegates vote for instead of Mr. Trump?

Mr. Trump won 37 primaries. Mr. Cruz won eight. Mr. Rubio, three. Mr. Kasich, one. Mitt Romney, zero.

Would it be intelligent for the GOP convention to spurn the top vote-getter, in favor of someone who got many fewer votes? Would it be fair?

Mr. Trump won the nomination under the rules, even with many party functionaries opposed to him. Against the odds, he won and won big. According to what concept of fairness and due process are the rules changed after the game is won - and a loser declared the winner?

The anti-Trump forces say they are making a last-ditch effort to scuttle the Trump candidacy because: a) he is a sure loser and b) the voters must be saved from themselves.

But Mr. Trump has beaten the odds electorally for a year now. The politics of denying Mr. Trump the nomination are sure-fire self-destruction. Trump voters would feel, correctly, that their man was robbed and either stay home or vote for a third party candidate. …

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