Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

A Corrected Resume Should Not Be Acceptable

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

A Corrected Resume Should Not Be Acceptable

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I agree with Kathy M. Newman that all the fuss about new Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent Anthony Hamlet regarding plagiarism is a distraction ("Plagiarism Hysteria: Let Hamlet Suffer the Slings and Arrows No More," June 30 Perspectives).

After all, according to the report in Thursday's Post-Gazette ("School Board Votes to Keep Hamlet," June 30), Mr. Hamlet assures us that the filched words actually came from a speech that someone wrote for him. (I wonder what Professor Newman might say if one of her students argued that it's not plagiarism if you had paid someone to write the essay for you.)

The real problem is that he fudged his resume! When the school board made its initial decision, the board enthused that Mr. Hamlet was being hired because of his remarkable accomplishments. However, it turns out that he didn't really do what he claimed that he had done.

Even if the board members are not worried about Mr. Hamlet's ethics, why are they so determined to hire someone whose (corrected) resume is at best mediocre?


North Point Breeze

Give speech details

Regina Holley, Pittsburgh school board president, was quoted in the following section of the June 30 story "School Board Votes to Keep Hamlet":

"Ms. Holley explained the unattributed line in [Anthony Hamlet's] resume that's nearly identical to [a] 2015 Washington Post editorial came from a speech written for him last year.

" 'When this first became an issue, Dr. Hamlet told me the words he used to describe his educational philosophy came from a speech that someone wrote for him more than a year ago and he did not know their origin,' she said. ... 'He did know that these words expressed the philosophy he has used with success throughout this career.' "

Ms. Holley needs to help those troubled with Mr. Hamlet and lay those concerns to rest; tell them who wrote the speech and where he gave it.


North Side

Care beyond birth

Why do so-called conservatives like state Rep. Rick Saccone insist in putting the government in the middle of the most personal decisions that a family may face? The question of when to end a pregnancy because the child will experience a very short life filled with pain is not the government's to make ("Legislators Do Not Know What Is Best for All Unborn Babies," June 26 letters). …

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