Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Frick Menu Features $275 Kobe Steak

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Frick Menu Features $275 Kobe Steak

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Craving the Sidney Crosby of steaks?

Then be prepared to shell out $275 at The Cafe at the Frick in Point Breeze, which is featuring an 18-ounce grilled Kobe New York strip on Friday nights through the end of August, provided you preorder and prepay on the Wednesday preceding the dinner.

The steak, which is served medium with a foie gras demi glace and white truffle whipped potatoes, is perfect to be shared by a hungry couple or eaten in its entirety by someone looking for indulgence, said Jeanie Clark, manager at the restaurant. Smaller portions of the meat are not available.

Chef Seth Bailey said he wanted to get an ingredient that's rarely on the menu for the restaurant's prix fixe dinner on Fridays and opted for the premium Kobe steak. He gets the meat, which has a chrysanthemum stamp proving that it is authentically from Kobe, Japan, weekly from Strip District Meats in the Strip District.

On Kobe's Tajima-Gyu marble grading scale of 1 to 12, the steak gets an 11, which is rare in the American market, he said.

The beef comes from the Tajima-Gyu breed of cattle, which are given daily rubdowns to make their flesh more tender. The cows do not feed on pasture grass but instead are given a special diet of dried pasture forage and grasses such as rice straw with nutrition-rich feed supplements. This results in the beef's premium flavor and high amount of intramuscular fat, giving the meat its famed marbled appearance.

It is best to cook the steak medium, Mr. Bailey said, "because it has so much marbling and fat that you want the heat to do the job on the meat. But at the same time you just want to cook the outside of it." The melting point of fat of Kobe beef is lower than that of common beef fat.

Mr. Bailey said for a perfect Kobe New York strip, all he needs are sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a hot grill. …

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