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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Our Legislature needs to stop the double-dipping that is going on. When school administrators, teachers, and other state employees retire that should be it - no contract work. Seriously. Some parents are going to file suit against the police because their 22- year-old daughter was addicted to drugs and was an undercover informant.

I don't know about any crime rate, but if somebody shows up in my yard in the middle of the night looking for Pokemon they might get a poke they don't even want.

Is the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department afraid of the drug dealers or are they paid off by them? They don't even show up to a 911 call.

Business people do not like Obamacare and they are fooling you again. Guess why?

I wonder what caused the terrorist attack in France. Was it the NRA or the easily available trucks?

Donald Trump gets more negative comments in the Readers' Vent because most people that buy the newspaper are college educated and know he is an idiot.

Mass murderer Omar Mateen was a Muslim and a registered Democrat. So Hillary blames Republicans and the NRA. Come on, Gazette-Mail, print this.

The reason we have a problem with ISIS is because Obama and Hillary are allowing these immigrants to cross the border. Donald Trump tried to tell them the problem and they won't listen. The American people need to wake up.

Trump's running mate, Pence, looks like he has more brains than Trump will ever have. However, I think it is wrong the way Trump led Christie on through the campaign and gave him high hopes.

In response to a Readers' Vent question: I have been a Presbyterian all my life and I am 70 years old. I am sorry to say Donald Trump professes to be a Christian and a Presbyterian, too. It is not quite the philosophy we propose.

You need two people picking what gets printed - a conservative and a liberal. …

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