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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Good luck to reporter Bill Lynch in his first triathlon. His articles this year have been very informative as well as entertaining and I appreciate his honesty. My cousin had a baby shower and I gave her a nice gift. She did not send a thank-you note. Two years later she had another baby shower. I did not go to the shower, and I did not give her a gift.

To the lady who bought the blue-fronted Amazon parrot from the pet store in Nitro a while back - if you will contact me through the Readers' Vent, I will give you twice what you paid for him. I had him for 27 years and would love to have him back. Please leave me a message through the Readers' Vent or the pet store.

The senior ladies from the South Charleston Rec Center would like to thank the gentleman that bought our breakfast at Shoney's in Milton on July 22. Thank you.

Women with hair loss - save your money and do not go to a dermatologist. They do no good.

Whomever was behind the release of the DNC emails, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Our own media should have broken the story of the anti-Bernie bias at the DNC.

I pray I never live to see Hillary Clinton seated in the honorary chair as our president of the United States.

Donald Trump is like a box of chocolates. Unfortunately, it's the all nut selection.

If you can put up with the multitude of outrageous lies that Obama has told over the last seven years, surely you can put up with a few inaccuracies that have come out of Donald Trump's mouth.

Time for the WV Kids consignment signs to be taken down. That organization is bad about leaving their signs up after the event is over.

I take offense to the comment that Republicans are poor tippers. I'm a Republican and I tip very well. I base my tips on the level of service provided. If the service is great 20+ percent. If it is bad 15 percent. If it's really to bad then 10 percent. But I always tip even when they don't necessarily deserve it. Tips are earned, they're not welfare. …

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