Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Wreaths Are Sweeter When They Are Made with Candy

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Wreaths Are Sweeter When They Are Made with Candy

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As a child, Archie Wayne III would watch his mother and grandmother use colorful ribbons to painstakingly tie pieces of wrapped candy to metal rings.

The results were brightly colored, festive, edible wreaths.

"I used to watch my mother sell it to make extra money. These things really helped out at a lot of Christmases," the younger Wayne said.

Now, the 27-year-old entrepreneur is taking this family tradition and modernizing it.

"I know how to design websites, know how to make fliers, know how to write press releases. I designed the logo and came up with the name, and here I am," Wayne said.

The name he came up with is For a price beginning at $29, he will make an irresistibly colorful wreath out of practically any candy (or candies) you choose. The candies have to be small no bigger than a fun-size candy bar and must be wrapped in paper or plastic that can be tied to a wreath.

No individual M&Ms. But small bags of M&Ms? Sure.

Often, a Christmas wreath is made from pink-and-white peppermints tied with pink and white ribbons. Halloween wreaths are made with orange and black ribbons. But the wreaths can be made with any color ribbon and any kind of candy.

Wayne has made SweeTart wreaths, Tootsie Roll wreaths, candy bar wreaths, bubble gum wreaths. For one wedding, he made a wreath with three types of candy, including only red-colored Jolly Ranchers. The person who gave the wreath as a gift wanted to match the colors of the wedding.

He brought it to the wedding himself a friend ordered it just the night before and "it got really good reviews," he said.

During one flu season, he got an order for a wreath made with Ricola cough drops. And in the future he will be making wreaths featuring organic candy from Yummy Earth.

An 8-inch wreath will generally have about 100 pieces of candy on it, he said. About 125 to 150 pieces will fit on a 10-inch wreath. And a 12-inch wreath can approach 200 pieces of candy. …

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