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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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If I had as much power as Mr. Trump thinks he has, I would have him tried for treason. America is a democracy - that means that the majority rules. You can't please everybody, but so far that's about the best we've invented on this planet.

I'm voting for Trump because I don't want the Democrats stacking the Supreme Court with liberal judges. I suppose we'll find out if Trump is worse than Obama.

Wonder why Jim Justice treated flood victims to aid and comfort at the Greenbrier. Could it be because it's free advertisement since he's running for governor?

I would like to thank the policeman from St. Albans that took me to the library the other day and brought me back when it was so hot and I couldn't get my car started. The whole St. Albans Police Department is a good bunch.

I once grew a full beard because I had a disfiguring and unattractive facial condition to cover up that took months to go away. People should be careful about generalizing why some men have facial hair.

Christians walk by faith. If you secular folks believe you are so right and we are so wrong, why do you keep bringing it up? Could it be that God is calling on you to change?

I am going to vote for Mr. Trump and unlike some of you liberals, I still have confidence in the electorate to rein him in through other branches of the government if he gets out of hand.

Not only did Trump say that Tim Kaine was weird-looking, but he said that he was the worst governor New Jersey ever had. All these inaccuracies don't matter, he will make America great again.

Even in little West Virginia, the crooked Democrats rig the election. Bernie got the majority of primary votes and Hillary got the majority of delegate votes. That's a rigged system all the way to the top.

What has Booth Goodwin done for West Virginia except put one- time drug offenders in prison and cater to special interest groups. …

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