Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Officials failed to preserve diner

Regarding "Oradell honors a legendary hangout" (Page L-1, July 31):

Do town officials in Oradell, who allowed a beloved institution that possessed a distinctive architectural style to be torn down and replaced with a bank, really believe that a plaque erected at the spot to memorialize the diner somehow mitigates the loss of the building?

Could the structure not have been renovated to house the bank, or, if not, used for some other purpose, public or private? As we have seen in so many other towns in Bergen County, shortsighted politicians are too willingly complicit in the loss of structures that at some point defined their towns. We allow our histories to be destroyed and replaced with a bland homogeneity at our own peril.

Politicians will continue to be held in low regard as long as local officials are seen to be acting in the interests of businesses and developers while shrugging at the loss of their towns' histories and presiding as overseers of disorienting changes in their communities.

And this antipathy will persist, with future generations viewing these types of plaques and rightly wondering why the buildings could not have been preserved and cursing the officials who did not do so.

John Woodmaska

Kearny, Aug. 5

End income redistribution

Of the many recent articles regarding changing state school funding, a comment made by the Paterson school board president may have spilled the beans on something no one seems to be addressing. It may be one reason why despite the additional state funding provided to selected districts over 30 years, the result is still unacceptable.

He complains that due to insufficient funding they "have already laid off 400 staff members."

Really? And their doors are still open? It is a district with a large student population, but what were these 400 employees doing?

An independent audit (no politicians involved) of the employees of all school districts that receive additional mandated state aid should be performed. …

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