Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Kevin Haskin: Topeka Should Prove Olympic Broadcasters Wrong

Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Kevin Haskin: Topeka Should Prove Olympic Broadcasters Wrong

Article excerpt

Musings at the mid-week:

- Anyone hear Topeka get mentioned Tuesday by the Olympic volleyball announcers?

- Something about how no international players would want to play for a small-town franchise situated in, well, Topeka.

- I suggest Topeka makes the most of the shout-out. The Expocentre is looking for events. Get in on a volleyball league.

- Ship in sand and play the beach variety if desired. Slap palm tree stickers on the green seats.

- Why, the revenue could pay for a new roof over Landon Arena. A retractable model.

- Imagine how this city could get behind the Topeka Tans.

- Why not? It seems like every other type of sports franchise has tried and, uhh, failed.

- Actually, Shawnee County likes its volleyball based on success at the high school level.

- The volleyball run Kansas made to the Final Four converted me last year.

- By the way, the Jayhawks are loaded again.

- Do you watch the Olympics and imagine your dream home would include a rec room large enough to contest table tennis?

- Now I know why, growing up, it was called ping pong in our basement.

- Two entirely different games.

- Football is approaching so it's only natural I field questions about Bill Snyder.

- Many will tell you he will retire after this season because of pending milestones.

- This season marks Snyder's silver anniversary as K-State's football coach. He is also approaching his 200th win.

- I will tell you that numbers such as those rarely seem to affect Bill.

- Many will tell you he will retire just because it's going to happen at some point and somebody will look good if they can predict his departure.

- Those people have been wrong before, however.

- Me? I expect him to stay at it.

- I believe he has a keen interest in who takes over as university president at K-State.

- Also, Snyder retired once and three years later concluded it did not suit him altogether well.

- Only one man knows Snyder's retirement plans. That would be Snyder, who is quite skilled at keeping things to himself. …

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