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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Many of you think if we make a mistake voting for Trump we can just start over. You are forgetting that programs like Medicare can be eliminated and can't be started over. Also, how can you undo a nuke? Thank you to the lady who came to our aid when my husband fell in Dunbar and to the gentleman from the bank in Dunbar and all who stopped to lend a hand.

Maybe if we would cut Ron Duerring's salary we could fix the air conditioning in these schools.

Many thanks to the kind folks who paid for our meal at the Chinese restaurant on August 4. It happened to be our anniversary and we really appreciate it.

What is more important - a child's life or chasing a robber?

I think no tax day should be more than one day a week. I think it should be all year long.

What would have happened on Monday in Huntington if there had been an actual emergency needing EMT or ambulance response? Would the paramedics be able to leave the heroin addict they are trying to revive or would the actual emergency have to wait?

Let me get this straight. It is OK for Donald Trump to be wealthy, but not Hillary Clinton. I would hazard a guess that she earned her money legally, but I would not say that is the case for Trump.

I was invited to a brunch last Sunday with 20 invited. Four brought gifts of food to accompany brunch. He supplied all the food and drink. What has happened to manners? I sat there in total disbelief.

Why only in Charleston on I-64 whenever there is a wreck there is a major shutdown for hours. I have lived in major cities around the United States and this never happens.

I still can't believe that Kanawha County Schools let the kids out because they didn't have air conditioning. I and my parents all went to school without air conditioning.

In every speech that Trump gives, he uses the phrase "believe me" at least 100 times. How can anyone believe him when he is a habitual liar?

Would someone please help the Mason County Schools maintenance department? …

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