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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Whoever wins the next presidential election cannot be worse than Obama. All of us need to get down on our knees and pray for our country. Republicans all over the United States are so happy that their nominee can actually read from a teleprompter. Isn't that amazing? He can read.

The Kanawha Valley definitely does not need a poison-spewing methanol plant that feeds off of fracked gas.

Even Donald Trump's supporters don't want him to say anything stupid - that's why they have him reading from a teleprompter.

I just attended a baby shower - what's with all of these people naming their boys Cash and Nash? What's next? Rash? Dash? Flash?

I wonder how many people can't get a decent job because they smoke a little marijuana here and there. Marijuana doesn't impair you anything like alcohol does and doesn't damage anything like cigarettes do.

West Virginia is last in everything and yet we always vote for the losers. I just don't get it.

With our roads in horrible conditions, our governor wants to spend millions on a road to nowhere. It's ridiculous. Fix the existing roads with this money.

To all you venters who say Obama is the worst - have you forgotten what we had before him? As far as being qualified, being governor Texas sure doesn't beat being a senator from Illinois. Obama was very qualified and look at what he brought us out of.

When are they going to fix the big potholes at Kanawha Mall?

Bill and Hillary Clinton are absolutely the king and queen of sleaze and shady, self-enriching schemes. They have no equals in American politics.

Why all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Mylan raising the price on EpiPens by 500 percent? It just good old fashioned capitalism. It's health care for profit. It's American Exceptionalism.

At least we know now why the world descended into chaos while Hillary was secretary of state. …

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