Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Donald Trump Understands Energy ; Trump Promises to Help Energy Sector

Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Donald Trump Understands Energy ; Trump Promises to Help Energy Sector

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West Virginians need a Trump Administration to save the coal, oil and natural gas industries and create jobs. As someone born and raised in West Virginia, I understand the benefits of fossil fuels. My great-grandfather was a coal mine superintendent. My father traveled across southern West Virginia for business, oftentimes with me in tow.

I began punching the clock at 10 years old, and my career ultimately led me to the oil and natural gas business. Through all these experiences, I have witnessed firsthand how fossil fuels create jobs and grow our economy.

West Virginia made me who I am today. My four grandparents had seven years of education total. I was lucky to play competitive sports at Charleston High School, where I learned teamwork, commitment, sacrifice and leadership. Athletics allowed me to attend college, a first in my family.

Throughout my career in the oil and natural gas business, I have traveled worldwide and met with leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I know that great leaders are also great listeners and learners.

From meeting with him personally and watching his campaign, I know Donald Trump is one of those great leaders. He cares immensely about this nation and his fellow Americans.

Trump also understands that energy is the backbone of Americas economy and embracing this new energy era means millions of new American jobs.

The Trump Administrations action plan includes rescinding President Obamas job-destroying executive actions such as the Climate Action Plan, cancelling the Paris Climate Agreement and halting all payments of American taxpayer dollars to U.N. global warming programs. Trumps test for any future regulation will be this: is it good for the American worker?

Mr. Trump is the pro-energy, pro-agriculture, pro-business candidate. I know this because I have had the great honor of working with Mr. Trump as a member of the Trump Leadership Council, an independent group of business leaders whose purpose is to engage Mr. Trump on important policy issues.

Through our collaboration across 10 sectors of the U.S. economy, we have discovered one common theme the Obama Administrations burdensome regulations are killing American industry, innovation and jobs. …

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