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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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The Republican Party has spent 25 years spending tax payers' money trying to destroy the Clinton's but have failed. You won't give up. Look at you. I think I can speak for most Kanawha County school parents that everyone loves having a whole week at Thanksgiving and two whole weeks at Christmas. If we would start after Labor Day that would put us probably to the middle of June. That is fine with me. I have grown used to that.

If Hillary Clinton ends up in the White House, it's not because she won, it's because the Republican Party did not back Donald Trump so he could win. We can blame the Republicans for turning the White House back to the Democrats again.

Donald Trump's modeling agency has taken advantage of women. He has little respect for women. I cannot understand how a woman could vote for him.

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates, has personal ties and family in West Virginia. Did the Gates foundation give any help to our flood victims?

How many spokesmen does Kanawha airport have?

What a wonderful and productive meeting the president of Mexico and Donald Trump had. Leave it to the liberal media to try to skew it and screw it up.

Hillary Clinton is a big liar. Every time she opens her mouth she lies. We don't need her in the office as president. We already got Obama in there and he's not worth nothing. Eight years hasn't done anything. We sure don't need another Democrat in the office.

I am no backer or supporter of Joe Manchin and his family. I do think they need to get off how much money his daughter makes. The woman earns it. She works for a giant corporation. Let's give her some respect and mind our own business.

Donald Trump cannot be president. You can't turn over the nuclear codes to a man like that. You just can't. But that is exactly what they would have to do if he gets elected. Please think things through. …

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