Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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This Legislature with Cole at the head is the worst one W.Va. has ever had. Vote them out. Wait until the Democratic Socialists have complete power. What's left of our liberty will end as far as the caring for the poor and working class. All they will care about is caring for their power.

I read that only 10 percent of people go to church anymore in the U.S. We have traded Jesus for a football. The Bible says we can be free - free indeed.

As shown by the article on the deputies beating and possibly killing the man. There are two classes of justice in America. One for citizens - one for officials. If a policeman beats or kills you he's quote investigated by his friends or coworkers.

I would like to personally, publicly thank Alex Mooney for his constant fight to reign the EPA in. The EPA is absolutely destroying America with over-regulation.

Downtown Charleston has a problem with Davis Park and the Lee Street Triangle. We are allowing people to move in and live there. I don't know if we want to have people living on the streets downtown in our business districts. Surely other accommodations can be found for folks that need housing. I do think city administration and the police department need to pay attention to this area.

O happy day, the couch slouch is back. Norman Chad returns to the Monday newspaper sports section. Thank you Charleston Gazette-Mail. Thank you.

Hillary says her concussion was so bad she can't remember so many things that the FBI asked about. So really is she competent to be president. We know she is a pretty competent criminal.

Which do you believe, the newspaper or the TV guide. They differ too often.

There's nothing wrong with transients. There is something wrong with transients who litter and make the city worse for everyone else.

To the person who does not believe people mean it when they say they are thinking and praying for them. I do. When I send them a card you can believe me.

The Republican Party claims to be the intelligent party. …

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