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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I am an Air Force veteran of the Korean War, I am clear thinking and I will vote for Trump not that lying Hillary. Smokers, honestly, how dumb do you have to be to deliberately choose to become hooked on a poisonous weed?

I sure do miss Mrs. Braggs' column on Saturday. I know she fell and is unable to write, but at least you could give us an update on her condition and let her know her readers are thinking about her.

Why is it that Marshall Performing Arts always get the good acts and Charleston and the Clay Center get the crap acts? It doesn't make sense.

Nine pages of delinquent taxes in the paper. I would not renew their driver's licenses and I would garnish every piece of income that they have.

Putin is the biggest threat to the world today. He supports Trump for president. Trump has financial investments in Russia and speaks highly of Putin. This means that Trump is also a threat and is not trustworthy to be our president. I would never vote for him.

I see where they want to put a tax back on food. I don't think they should have tax on a food. That's something everybody needs. Put tax on Coca-Cola, beer, wine and all this stuff.

Seventy percent of those arrested in Charlotte last week were not even from North Carolina. They came in there specifically to riot, cause problems and loot. They should have domestic terrorism charges jammed up their back sides.

I have lived in South Charleston for over 25 years and most of the street lights at Jefferson Road and Kanawha Turnpike have been burnt out since then.

Hillary Clinton is like a boring relative that showed up for a week's visit and stayed for six months. We don't care what she knows. We just want her to go away.

The caller who detailed a luxury tax for tax revenue is a genius. He should be in the statehouse.

Someone should put a Chick-fil-A out at the Nitro Walmart where the Fazoli used to be. That would be a great place for one.

Marshall has a football sellout but they do not know how to handle the crowd. …

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