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Seven Things You're Doing Wrong at the Steakhouse

Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Seven Things You're Doing Wrong at the Steakhouse

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Of course, you know how to behave at a steakhouse.

Not unlike the seatbelt demo on an airplane, people think that proper restaurant behavior is self-evident. Not necessarily, said Josh Capon, the chef and co-owner of downtown Manhattan's always packed Bowery Meat Company. He's provided an all-important list of do's and don'ts for his restaurant.

1. Don't walk into my steakhouse, just order a steak and then tell me it's taking too long.

In fact, don't walk into any restaurant and not order an appetizer. A beautiful steak, it takes time to cook. If you're two people, share an app. You've been to a restaurant before, you know the way a kitchen works. Even if it's a piece of fish that you ordered, give the chef time to pull it out of the refrigerator and prepare it.

This is especially true if you're at my place and ordered a 16-, a 20- or a 40-ounce piece of beef. I'm cooking that meat to order for you. Give me a little bit of time to do it right.

2. Don't fill up on appetizers before that beautiful steak comes to your table.

The flip side of Rule No.1: There's hardly anything on Bowery Meat Company menu north of the main courses that is going to kill you. Notice, I'm not making a heavy wedge salad packed with blue cheese and bacon. No French onion soup. I serve sashimi and cauliflower steak and a farmers salad. Too many times, I've been to a steak house, and by the time the steak comes, I'm ready to tap out.

Of course, there are a few starters that go big. This is a steakhouse, not a spa. The duck lasagna for two is pretty killer; sometimes I serve it as a mid-course. My joke is that most places serve lemon sorbet as a mid course; we do duck lasagna.

3. Treat the steak with respect.

Please taste it before you grab the salt or douse it in steak sauce. At Bowery Meat Company, I'm using the top 1 percent of beef in the country; we're cooking it really well and seasoning it perfectly. We make our steak sauce and the Romesco sauce that goes with the Tomahawk ribeye, the salsa verde with the cte de beouf. My sauces are good, but we want you to taste the meat.

4. Cut the steak down the middle to check that its cooked right. …

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