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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Between these two disgusting candidates that we have, it will not matter who wins. It will be a one term presidency. To the person who said the loser in this election is the media. Not true. I have great respect for the media. One of the hallmarks of our form of country is freedom of the press. I have great relations with the media. God bless Israel.

The Gazette endorsement of Justice was kind of funny. They seemed to be choking on it but they had to because he is a Democrat.

I was just down to Kroger on the West Side. For all you people saying you can't find a job. They are currently hiring in all positions.

On Nov. 8 we have a very important civic duty to do. I would hope that everybody would go vote for Charlotte Pritt. She is the only one that has heart in West Virginia.

President Obama is helping the Russians. He closed down our coal mines and we have to buy coal from Russia. Just ask Appalachian Power why your bill is going up.

I will not vote for any of these politicians who are making these robot calls. We have sickness in the family and it is very disturbing.

Why do the merchants along Corridor G in Southridge that are in the city limits of South Charleston charge the Charleston 7 percent sales tax? I don't understand that and don't think it's right.

Is media biased against Trump? All you have to do is look at the editorial page. The answer is absolutely clear.

Legal marijuana created more than 18,000 jobs in Colorado last year. It generated $2.4 billion in economic activity. You think about how many schools, how many roads, how many senior citizens could be affected by this kind of growth. Legalize marijuana.

Now that the state has taken over the Hobet mining property, is the public going to have to assume all the liability for the run off? Hobet paid 40 million a year just to handle to run off.

Remember when Reagan and Bush was in office? We don't want no more of that. I surely don't.

Al Gore did not call for a recount in Florida. Florida called for a recount because the numbers were so close.

I see where Gauley Bridge is the only city with any sense, letting the children trick or treat on Saturday night when they don't have to go to school the next day. …

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