Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Voodoo Casts Spell in Author's Latest Work

Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Voodoo Casts Spell in Author's Latest Work

Article excerpt

Sarasota author Don

Bruns has written 14

novels in the last 15

years, but only one was done

as a stand-alone story. Each

time he sat down to write, he

had more than one book in

mind. There was the Carib-bean

series and then the

Stuff series.

And now comes his latest,

the Quentin Archer Series,

which he launched with the

recently published murder

mystery detective tale

"Casting Bones" (Severn


Set in New Orleans, it

follows detective Quentin

Archer's investigation into

the murder of a judge with a

lot of enemies,




a young


of voodoo

who helps





up with


third or fourth books

represents a little bit of

practicality and a lot of satisfaction

for Bruns.

"If I invest time in a

character or a series of

characters and spend six

to eight months with them

writing, I have attached

feelings to them. As long as a

publisher agrees, I couldn't

be happier, because I want to

know what happens to these


Before a recent chat over

sandwiches at Sarasota's

Main Bar, I assumed that

any book series came about

because of strong sales of

one book and reader inter-est.

Most movie sequels

happen only after the initial

film sells millions of tickets.

They're not always planned

in advance like a "Star

Wars" series.

Bruns, who was a part-time

Sarasota resident until

retiring here year-round

several years ago with his

wife, Linda, said that "Casting

Bones" was the result

of a conversation with his

agent, who told him "let's

get some vampire stuff


That didn't interest

Bruns, nor did another

idea for a story involving


"If I'm going to

do something with a

woo-woo effect or super-natural

element, there

might be something to

that" but he didn't think

zombies would reach the

agent's goal. "But people

respect voodoo culture.

That was something I

could write about." There

is a rich history of voodoo

culture in Louisiana that

originated with traditions

from Africa. Solange is a

woman who experiences

psychic encounters with

people and can get into

their heads with chants

and other methods.

During his research for

the book, which included

extended visits to New

Orleans to get details for

locations and the aura,

Bruns talked to police

officers. …

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