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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Anybody missing a white and tan cat up on Bridge Road? It was accidentally hit by a car. It was taken to a vet but died. Just to let them know. Justice Benjamin was right and the W.Va. Supreme Court was totally wrong on the arrest of a man for drunken driving an ATV on his own property. This is an outrage and an invasion of an individual's rights and privacy.

Well people, the holidays have begun. I watched my wife clean and decorate and cook for Thanksgiving. Then the relatives all come and turn their children loose to destroy or tear up everything. If she is generous enough to do all this, you should at least maintain some control on your kids. Our home is not a gymnasium.

Isn't it ridiculous the Kanawha County School board is losing $1.1 million in funding, yet this ridiculous school board wants to add a nearly $100,000-a-year useless job.

To the person who said we need socialized medicine in this country. You don't know what you are asking for. Go talk to people in Canada and England and see what socialized medicine did for them. You will change your mind real fast.

I would like to thank the DOH for removing the speed bumps on MacCorkle Avenue and 7th Avenue in Charleston.

I would like to thank all the jerks that go out on Thursday morning and buy every newspaper they can get their hands on for the ads and don't leave a paper for someone that wants to read it. You people need to get a life.

Plenty of coal jobs. W.Va. and Ky. $8 an hour. Remember, Donald Trump said he loved the uneducated.

While Charles Minimah's op-ed article on the African-American plight in the U.S. is probably politically incorrect and supported by the left, it is factually correct and should be noticed by all.

How sad this election has divided this country back to almost where it was during the Civil War. It's almost a civil war now. How sad for our country. It's really going to affect elections in the future. Most people see so much corruption they may not want to vote. …

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