Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

College Presidents' Petition Is the Wrong Cause

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

College Presidents' Petition Is the Wrong Cause

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To the more than 250 college and university presidents (median salary in 2013 for private college presidents, $436,000) who are urging that President-elect Donald Trump not undo the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: I am aggravated by your petition ("College Leaders Urge Protection of Undocumented Students," Nov. 24).

As the wife of a legal immigrant who experienced the costly and thorough process of getting permanent residence for my husband, and also as a mother of a college student, I am angered by your suggesting that colleges become safe havens for those who did not follow the same rules as we (and many other legal immigrants) did.

Also, the recent protests by students living in your dormitories calling for universities to become sanctuaries should have been legally handled by you as a safety violation. Instead, you gave license to these protesters by creating this petition.

While I appreciate that you recognize talent in these more than 700,000 illegal immigrant students who, by the way, receive many scholarships since they cannot apply for federal aid (the same federal aid most American students don't even qualify for), you should stop trying to distract us with this petition and let us all continue last year's discussion about how college is unaffordable in this country and how high your salaries are.


Bethel Park

My America

I take issue with the Nov. 28 column by Marc A. Thiessen (" 'Hamilton' and Hubris"). Mr. Thiessen suggests "liberals" are disconnected from America's heartland.

As a liberal living in Allegheny County, I can assure him I am not disconnected from America's heartland. My America is one where we honor those who served their country in the military - something Donald Trump failed to do when he said John McCain was not a hero and those suffering from PTSD were "weak."

My America upholds the Constitution requiring freedom of the press - something Mr. Trump often attacks because the press has the audacity to ask him tough questions.

My America believes in protecting those in the minority - something Mr. Trump seems to ignore when he belittles someone with a disability. …

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