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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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West Virginians are so lucky to have "precedent" Trump to lead us through these stormy waters that lie ahead. Go "precedent" Trump. If it was Trump letting all the illegal immigrants into our country every day, you Democrats sure would have a lot to say about it. Common sense tells you that is not a good thing. Shame on Obama for opening up our borders to possible terrorists. Let that sink in, Democrats.

I see the West Virginia interfaith refugee ministry has taken upon themselves to welcome refugees to Charleston. We are now part of the resettlement program for refugees. Who are these people? Who gave them the right to speak for me and my family to bring refugees and settle them here? This should be put on a ballot. They have no right to come up with this on their own. Why don't you ask the people what we want?

I was taught that charity begins at home. Instead of bringing in refugees; help our people here who lost everything to flooding and are still living in tents.

I would like to know why CAMC is letting their employees' park at Memorial when it is unsafe. One of the beams is sagging. Someone needs to investigate this.

People. Russia is not going to leave the Middle East. Why? We are seeing the buildup for Armageddon. If you don't believe that pick up the Bible and read the last chapter. Then you will know what is happening now.

If Trump has his way repealing our EPA laws, we will all be wearing masks to breathe as they do in China.

Let's get one thing straight. If the church in Charleston wants to bring in those refugees, they can feed them, clothe them and everything else.

Episcopal minister said it would be significant at this time of year to announce the refugee settlement in Charleston. Although the significance will be lost on the Muslims because they do not believe in Christ or Christmas.

Why doesn't Obama take in some of the refugees? After he leaves the White House, he is moving into a bigger house. Why doesn't he take some of them?

Oh how I hope and pray that Trump does reverse these refugees coming to Charleston. And as we have seen from Paris and Germany, the UN can evidently not vet these refugees. Keep them out of Charleston. I was born and raised here and I do not want to support them. They will not learn our language much less work.

How is it with a no-smoking ban people can smoke in Smoker Friendly in Dunbar?

I am so proud of the Spring Valley High School students building the small homes for the flood survivors. Why can't the school bullies use their energy to help people instead of bullying people?

The cost of living raise that we were supposed to get was a joke. The raise I was supposed to get went to Medicare. Another lie told by the government.

In America each of us has a voice. Also in America no one forces you to read the newspaper or follow the facts. …

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