Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Residents of Kanawha County need to remember that dropping an animal beside the road is illegal in Kanawha County. According to the front page of the Gazette-Mail, drug companies sent 12 million narcotic pills to McDowell County alone. Legalizing marijuana would just create another drug sub-culture which we do not need.

We do not have to sacrifice clean water and clean air for jobs. Obama's EPA is wildly out of control and needs to be rolled back.

Kudos for Jim Justice. Keep on coaching. The foundation of America is with the youth and good leaders. You are a model for those kids. I worked for you at the golf tournament and you are a superman.

King Solomon could not have come up with a better idea. Coal miners planting apple trees. Excellent agenda. I love apples and I love trees. Merry Christmas.

If the Democratic Clintons were so bad, how come for the first time I can remember the budget was balanced and we had enough money to pay the bills and have some fun.

Who is going to pay for security for Jim Justice when he is traveling all over the state for these girls basketball games? He is not supposed to be away from the job of the governor. This is another job he should be responsible for, paying for the State Police security.

To the person who called and said the five electors are fools and said Donald Trump is not your president. Well, now you know how I feel. I have not had a president for the last eight years.

As a former West Virginia native I think it is extremely disappointing to see that Elkview and the state will not step in and rebuild the bridge to the Crossings Mall. It is really sad that more than 300 people are out of work. Someone needs to step it up.

I find it disgraceful that some people are giving some celebrities a hard time because they want to perform at our president's inauguration. This is absolutely ridiculous. I thought this was a free country. People trying to do the honorable thing are being castigated.

I would like to know why the DOH won't put any gravel on Fletcher Road or grade it? …

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