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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I don't believe in miracles but the Thursday before Christmas, a young couple paid for my groceries at Walmart. I was so thankful and I could never thank them enough. They would not give me their names but I really thank them. The news said WV is 7th in the U.S. for unemployment. 5.7%. You know the reason why? Some people in this state are lazy. They would rather get free welfare, free Medicare, free medical cards. Anything free.

The Electoral College is not the problem. The problem is that millions of Americans think that Donald Trump is fit to be president.

The Republican congress has put through a budget resolution that over the next 10 years will increase the deficit by $10 trillion. Way to go Republicans. Let's vote some more Republicans into congress.

I live in Putnam County and I cannot pick up the IMG WVU basketball game with any clarity. It crackles, terrible coverage. It's so low. Something needs to be done. The FM radio station signal is so low and they need to do better.

I would like to thank all my newspaper delivery customers in Marmet and Hernshaw for their thoughts and generosity this Christmas.

I would like to express my support for keeping Richwood middle and high school in Richwood. We need them. Not only for the children but also for the community. They are the fabric that holds us together.

I think it is outrageous that our 3 congressmen will not tell us how they voted. They work for us.

Why has the local water company in Gauley River put three raises on our water bill since June? The water bill is now higher than our electric bill.

If we can take really good pictures of rocks on Mars, why can we not get really good pictures of these people holding up convenience stores?

Thanks for the book selections you feature from time to time. A relative found I carry the article in my purse and gave me "The Boys in the Boat" for Christmas. …

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