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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I haven't seen anything on record about the appliances bought from Sears when their warranties are at risk. What happens? Does the Legislature review the laws that they pass in the last session. They should. What happens if they don't?

We see many poor choices by police officers but we have many police officers that risk their lives for us every day. Yet in a narcissistic culture it would be naive to think they would all be perfect people.

Refresh your knowledge of Watergate and Nixon and how he contrived to manipulate us the American people. Are we seeing history repeat itself by this new president elect?

Somebody asked a question on where people on the show "Price is Right" get their clothes. It's the same place that Vanna White and these country singers get theirs: Montgomery "Weird."

I think Trump knows exactly what is going on with Putin. There is something very serious between Trump and Putin that Trump is trying to cover up.

When I had brain cancer and the doctor came to visit me, he always asked me if I needed any pain pills. I never needed any pain pills. I was never in any pain.

I admit that I am addicted. To my daily paper that is. Being 89+years, I don't have all of the dodads of today. My limit is turn on turn off and my faithful newspaper. I am happy.

Why do we have to take all of these refugees from the Middle East? Why doesn't Saudi Arabia or Jordan take them? Them not taking them should tell you something.

To me it is not a problem of who did the hacking and why they did it. The problem is the fact that our computer systems can be hacked. Something should be done with that so that no one can hack into them. Then we wouldn't have to worry about Russia or China or whoever.

Tillerson's retirement package is $180 million. I have always been for capitalism, not socialism, but Tillerson's earnings are troubling. Why the poor struggle to put gas in their cars to get to work. Greed will eventually ruin our system.

Democratic presidents don't want to do away with the Second Amendment, and they can't. …

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