Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

What Does a New Iphone Cost? Less Than a Boat!

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

What Does a New Iphone Cost? Less Than a Boat!

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"Without a cellphone, you're not a person anymore. You're just a shapeless, meaningless blob that no one can text or FaceTime with."

I got a new iPhone last week.


(Note: A "woo-hoo" followed by an exclamation point means "exuberant delight." A "woo-hoo" followed by a period means "yeah, whatever.")

Not that my new phone isn't beautiful. It is. By comparison, my old one looks like it got run over by a Zamboni machine.

My cousin Caroline deserves some of the blame for this.

Last year, while a friend and I were hiking on Bear Mountain, I dropped my phone.

It landed on a rock and the glass shattered.

From the sound I made, you would have thought that I had landed on a rock.

"Eek! Arrgh!"

I assumed I'd have to go to Apple to have the glass replaced.

"No, you don't have to do that anymore," Caroline told me days later.

She suggested I go to a mall and look for a phone repairman.

"They have kiosks all over the place," she said. "They'll fix your phone for much cheaper than Apple will."


So, I went to the mall and looked for one of these guys.

Remember when telephone repairmen used to be these strapping all- American types, with square jaws and hard hats and all those big clunky tools hanging from their utility belts?

Well, they don't look like that anymore.

Mine was short and swarthy with beady eyes and a bunch of teeny- tiny screwdrivers. He said he could fix my phone for $125. I bargained him down to $89.

He said yes.

(If you try to negotiate prices at an Apple store, they post your picture on the Internet, turn your water off and won't let you buy anything with an Apple on it for 15 years.)

My back-alley repair took about an hour. I tried watching, but it was too painful to see my sad little phone taken apart. Was the glass going to come off in pieces? Were all my apps going to fall onto the floor?

I decided to do some shopping and returned in about 45 minutes. My phone looked good as new!

Over the next few days, though, it began acting strangely. I'd press an app icon and nothing would happen.

Well, no, not nothing.

I'd press the icon and I'd see, under the glass, a dark, inky cloud. …

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