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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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It is so depressing watching Trump and the Republicans stumbling forward with their ill-defined goal of wrecking our government. I love when somebody gives me their political opinion but when I start asking questions they say they really don't follow politics that closely. And yes. They're usually liberal.

Trump is already saving me money. I won't be attending my class reunion because I refuse to pay money to spend a weekend with a bunch of head in sand liberals.

If the presidential election results were reversed, would Trump accept the results? He would be suing every state that he lost and claiming that the Crooked New Media caused him to lose.

There is more than enough information about Trump to seriously question his patriotism and ethics.

So they want to investigate the FBI regarding actions taken just prior to the election? I say for Comey to spill his guts about Obama and AG Lynch stopping him from prosecuting Hillary over her server.

The proposed Rock Creek development seems like a great idea for economic stimulus, especially in a depressed area that needs help. My question is, who owns the property, who benefits from the sale of the property and why aren't they paying for the road?

Eliminate all the special commissions that deal with race, gender, diversity and special populations and consolidate them under the West Virginia Human Rights Commission. After all, the Human Rights Commission covers all West Virginians.

West Virginia could save a huge amount of money if the Legislature would consolidate the Education and the Arts Department with the Department of Education. We do not need both.

I want to be the first to predict it: In 2020 Elizabeth Warren will be the first woman president.

It says a lot for the state of our country that there are so many of you sad sacks out there that are so full of anger and hate that you can not believe that some Good Samaritan would be willing to pay for someone's else's meal. There are still some truly wonderful people in this world. I truly feel sorry for you. May God bless you and may He lift you up and give you peace.

Anybody notice Congress did not take away their health care and they are millionaires and billionaires. …

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