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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I see where one venter wanted to be the first to predict Elizabeth Warren in 2020 as the first woman president. I will make a counter. I will say Ivanka Trump will run in 2020. She will be the first female president. Capito on TV talking about how many new jobs coming to West Virginia. I was just wondering. How many new jobs has she brought in here in her 20 years in Congress?

Give Trump a chance. Maybe he can improve our world trade position. We can't keep on exchanging the same amount of money amongst ourselves like Obama has done the last eight years. We can't balance our trade by selling Coke and DVDs to the Brazilians.

Thrilled that Barnum and Bailey is done.

Would someone please open up a grocery store in Winfield or Eleanor? This community needs one that is fair in pricing. We need a Food Fair or Save-a-Lot for competitive pricing.

Rupert Murdoch is going to have to realize that liberal commentators on Fox News are not going to make it.

Once again an innocent bystander is killed by a speeding Charleston police officer. And once again Charleston says they can handle it all by themselves. The large settlement awards against Charleston will be paid not the police department but by you and me.

Guess what? I sure won't miss Congressman John Lewis the sore loser at Trump's inauguration. Furthermore I doubt if very many people will miss him.

The last man to walk on the moon has died and many of the rest of our heroes are aged and ready to die. Once upon a time we stood tall on the shoulders of giants. Now our leaders squabble like little children. What have we fallen to?

Charleston's population is shrinking. Businesses are leaving the city. We constantly hear how they are not meeting tax revenue projections, but yet the mayor wants to propose a raise for the next mayor? I can maybe see a raise for the council people, but does Charleston really need 26 council members? Talk about a bloated government.

Why does Ripley not enforce the dog leash law?

President Trump plans to move the press briefing room out of the White House and into a larger area - it's called Wyoming.

Did someone answer my question? Does Gayle Machin hold a college degree? …

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