Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Trump must control his ego

One of the challenges of Donald Trump's presidency is not to allow his ego to get in the way of leading effectively. Case in point: Trump claims his hand-picked Cabinet has the highest IQ of any Cabinet in history. How can he possibly know that? His "know-it- all" attitude is emblematic of an unhealthy ego. The Cabinet will be confirmed as the Republicans control the Senate. However, there are weaknesses in a Cabinet built largely of bankers, generals and billionaires. Are these decisions to appoint these leaders "draining the swamp?"

Also, this is not a diverse Cabinet at a time when the country is becoming more diverse. In addition, 10 of the 15 Cabinet nominees have not held government positions. Between Trump and the Cabinet, Vice President (Mike) Pence will be very busy training and teaching these high-level government leaders.

Joseph Wardy

Randolph, Jan. 20

More than one marriage in the White House

Regarding "4 New Jersey history ties to inaugurations" (Page A- 3, Jan. 20): Your writer states that Grover Cleveland was "the only president to marry while in the White House."

My history book says Woodrow Wilson married Elizabeth Bolling Galt on Dec. 18, 1915, two-plus years into his first administration, following the death of his first wife. This nugget of information should be completely lost to history. However, after a debilitating stroke four years later, Wilson was rarely, if ever, seen by anyone other than his family and doctors, and historians now generally agree that for the final 15 months of his second term, Elizabeth Wilson was, de facto, the first female president of the United States.

Warren Nitti

Paramus, Jan. 20

Trump critics need to show class

Like it or not, Donald Trump is our president. I am not a fan of his and maybe never will be. But I have to say I am appalled at the actions of protesters, the demonstrations, and public calls for his removal. …

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