Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Out with Barnum and Bailey, In with the Trump administration. The three-ring circus is alive and well in America, just different acts!! When guns are easy to get, criminals will have an easy time getting guns.

What a great job the 249th Army Band of WV National Guard Morgantown did at Gov. Justice's inauguration. They are a treasure to the state.

It is mid-January and my flowers are coming up. Someone please tell Mr. Trump that climate change is not a hoax.

Trump is stacking his cabinet with shady billionaires who will rig the government to serve their own interests at the expense of the American people.

U.S. media need to detail the difference between "isolationism and "non-interventionism.

Trump and his supporters/cheerleaders must get used to the daily critique of everything Trump says and does. Stop lying for him, he does enough of that himself.

What is wrong with all these Democrats in and around the state? All they want to do is raise taxes on gas, food, soda pop etc. We lost 60,000 people last year, do they want to lose that many more this year. Use the Turnpike and Lottery money to pay the bills instead of the little guy who cannot pay it any more.

I certainly hope that our new governor will clean house at the PSC. The citizens of West Virginia deserve some protection that we have not had from the current group. Please help us Gov. Justice. Please clean house there.

I see Jim Justice is really the change we wanted. He is appointing the same old tired politicians that have done nothing for the state and its people. The Manchins need to decide if they want to be in Washington or here. Gayle has done nothing to improve education here.

Trump hasn't even taken office yet and has already done more for the good of the country than the last seven presidents combined.

Republicans can't govern, they only tear down.

When do any of the Trump inauguration protesters work? …

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