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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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After observing pre- and post-election activities I feel anarchists, socialists and communists have taken over the Democratic Party. As evidence by their foul words and actions, verbally and physically attacking anyone that disagrees with them. Americans must unite. Hey folks. This is day three. Do you feel great yet?

Will Mexico borrow the money from the United States to build the wall?

Obama's legacy will be the same as putting your fist in a bucket of water. First there will be a ripple, then there will be nothing.

With all the graffiti in Charleston it's starting to look like Detroit. It will look more like Detroit when all the businesses like Sears go.

Several friends of mine who are small business owners are hoping now when they call the secretary of state's office they will not be placed on hold for a half hour or longer as they have been in the past.

Since Donald Trump won't divest any of his ownership of any his properties what happens when terrorists attack his hotels. Are U.S. soldiers going to be asked to guard Trump hotels around the world? It's just stupidity.

Looking back on the election of President Trump, the media spent the whole campaign season trying to tell the people what a fowl fiend the president was but lacked the credibility to be heard.

The women's march on Saturday was a great thing. I just hope they can put some of that energy into somehow changing some of the policies that are going to make up this country for the next four years.

So the Republicans want unity now. Huh. Where was the unity when Obama was president and they were a "No" congress for eight years. They wouldn't ever hear the president's choice for Supreme Court. I hope the Democrats give them the same courtesy they gave them.

Superintendent for Nicholas County you have people backing you. We know what you are planning for our schools. It is too far for our kids to travel. We need to build the school in Craigsville. Craigsville is not Richwood. That is half way. …

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