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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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To all women who carry money or valuables in your purse. Please don't do that any longer. Keep your car keys, your house keys and your cellphone out of your purse. If someone steals your purse they won't get anything they can use, and you can still get into your car and your house. If an ordinary citizen had made the remarks about burning the White House they would be in jail today.

Shame on you people picking on the president's 10-year-old son. You make me sick.

Capito and the other Republicans want the states to pay for the ACA if they want to keep it. If W.Va. can't even pay its bills, how can they pay for insurance?

I am so proud of W.Va. Sen. Joe Manchin. He shows he is not small- minded, which is difficult to find in presidential material these days. He must be the only Democrat with that reputation as much as we see him on TV. You go, Joe.

To the person who got the speeding ticket for just going over 5 mph over the limit: I guess the speed laws are different for you than everyone else. Why do you think they call it a speed limit?

The market price for coal has nearly doubled in the last 12 months, so naturally, more coal is going to be mined in the near future. Already we are seeing a few mines open with job applications for several hundred miners available.

To the venter who said that WVU needs a new coach and that Bob Huggins offensive is obsolete: You are seriously delusional with an over inflated ego if you think you know more about basketball than Bob Huggins.

I think it's terrible that Mayor Jones wants to raise the mayor's salary, when they still charge people working minimum wage jobs to support their families the user fee just to work in the city.

Well looks like Marco Rubio rolled over and voted for former EXXON CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state. That's what Republicans do. They just roll over and vote Republican. Doesn't matter who they are voting for or what they are voting for.

Will Gayle Manchin live in Charleston or Washington, D. …

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